What a 12 month period it’s been! Obviously, the world has been a very different place …but the audiobook world has been doing it’s bit to amuse, inform and educate.

Alan has never been busier. A sequel to Blood Feud, Black Beach sees the return of Stirling Hunt to Africa in another wonderful thriller by Stewart Clyde.

A Gatsby-esque type thriller A Lonely Man for publishing house W F Howes was published in April and May saw the first in a series of four books that comprise the Okenfall Chronicles

Dragon’s Blight, by author Damien Tiller. This was closely followed by the magnificent A Tailor’s Son in August.

Two Children’s books have been keeping Alan busy during the year: Miss Cast and the Headhamster by LJ Pickles is a wonderful classroom romp and The Wizard’s Diary, for slightly older children opens up a mystical world of Wizard’s, magic and a noble rat called Wrudge! One of a series of books, the Wizard’s Diary is written by American Author Robert J Bradshaw.

Most recently Alan has just finished two novels by the talented American authoress, Genevieve Morrisey. Antlands is book 1 and Annasland is the second in the series, which will be out soon.

Finally, a riveting true story of Bartley Gorman, known as the King of the Gypsies. Bartley was a bare-knuckle fighter and his story, though at times, gory, is told with great humilty and honesty.

Alan continues to be very busy and currently has four titles in production. Watch this space for more news soon!